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  • You now have unlimited threads in my store. Time to go SHOPPING!
    This is for being a friend :3 and having an awesome store!!!
    Thanks! I'm adding more and more features as time passes! I was up till after 11 last night making the Seed Finder but man it was worth it.
    I know about Kyogre..its hard work...if you don't see anything im willing to EV training serives + 5 credits for it..

    4gen Please.
    That's not a problem as i also learned 4th Generation breeding so i can breed the totodile myself.I was just trying to trade because we had arranged the trade and i wanted to be typical.
    you know the emerald cloning glitch that uses the battle tower right? well if you turn the game off during a certain point, you can corrupt the CURRENT game data. what this means is that, since box only saves ONCE, you can get multiple espeegoon eggs on the same file by corrupting the data after saving on box (and then reconnecting and getting another egg). That is how I've gotten 500+ eggs off box by now. There's no harm to your save file either, since emerald carries a backup save file (ie, the previous time you saved).
    you don't NEED it, but it helps, since you can corrupt data via the battle tower glitch :/
    Awesome :) good luck getting some good zigzagoons; it took me over 400 eggs to get 4 good ones :/
    Cel's Sandile
    OT: Killer 05032
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/31/31/26/31/31
    Rights: Fully Redis

    Something's up...
    Just wondering you guys do CPs? in 3rd gen because I would love to give you guys a project and pay you for it... (Credits)
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