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  • Yeah I waiting for you to come back on lol. I kept the egg warm and ready for trade.
    I just had a total slip up doing Koffing, before you reset for IVs, you save in front of an egg with the nature, gender, and ability predetermined. I forgot to do that!!! I got extremely lucky however and hit my reset on the first try for a perfect (male) Bold non-shiny Koffing. Koffing isn't really pretty as a female anyway ;)

    Edit- I saved before hatching it just to check its stats its an egg right now.
    Well I should be very soon I just gotta hope my computer can come through and load the rng reporter
    Hey man, I need some stuff EV trained on Gen 4. You could keep a copy of each. You up to it?
    Hey man, just letting you know your Koffing is almost done! It's hilarious it is born with the whole WoW/Pain Split/Thunderbolt/Fire Blast already on it

    Edit- it's done and I checked it you'll get a perfect egg guranteed. I made it shiny, so if you want me to re-do that im up for it.
    Thanks! Ill be breeding them if I can get all my work done tonight.
    on second thought take all 5 things i have on my diamond and trade them with my koffing to my heart gold

    edit- your koffing
    ok just help me move Gyarados/Salamence from my Diamond and trade me the Koffing then ill tell you if I get one of them done later tonight. Ill tell you when I can RNG in 5th gen im taking it slow through the game I only have 2 badges since it came out last week lol
    ohh I was meaning to put unaware! but i didn't realize you did 5th gen now? haha I have my 5th gen stuff but I have on an emulator and I have no idea how to trade em lol. I used to have some spare bagons but I got rid of all of em :/
    anyways thanks for accepting the koffing job! :) just lmk when you're ready!
    Hmm sorry about Wooper, I use Unaware as the ability a ton in 5th gen and Gastrodon itself does better as a water resist thanks to Storm Drain's new buff.

    I will do Koffing though :) Im gonna be busy today and tommorow, maybe even the day after. I might have time tonight, so if you have a leftover Bagon of any kind I want to breed a Rash one with Dragon Dance for a MixDancer!
    Ok this last snover is cloned, so i believe were done. nice trading with you!! ill check your thread because i never got around to it and ill let you know when i have a good sized update. im also still open for breeding projects
    Ill give the parents back. Could you make sure to check the baby ivs to be sure and trade me back a copy of each?
    Well I might not be on until maybe this time tommorow im gonna be busy i could be on tommorow 10-14 hours before this post because i dont have to go to school until about 12 my time, after it though i take my drivers license test and play a concert! Whatever time works for you. Idk about the redis rights, I like that other people can trade my pokemon but im not sure if i want everyone to have them. I might change my stuff to semi-redis.
    Well I have your perfect spheal egg whenever you want to pick it up :) again only about 80% sure its the one but it should be, what kind of redis rights could i have on these breeds?
    your right, its time for me to stop this right now and pick it up tommorow thanks for everything!
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