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  • Ummm..... the links are working for me. You're gonna have to show them to me on a post. =/
    I don't think there's any Hidden power that i want them to have. But I was follwing their movesets and info in the analysis. Which means they can be flawless (if possible). =/
    I gotta go now. My class starts in a few minutes. If you managed to get them done, let me know. And if you found something on my thread that you want to use your credits to get something from my thread, let me know as well. ;)
    1.) A non-shiny Bold (Female) Cottonee with Encore and Pranster
    2.) A non-shiny/shiny Bold (male/female) Sigilyph with magic guard; and with Pokeshift, Roost, and stored power
    I recommend maybe trying to see what consistent Timer0 value you get. Once you find that consistent value(The one that appears the most) Set your Min and Max timer0 value to what ever that it.

    When finding your parameters, do it multiple times at the same time to find a consistent value.
    Chances are, that's Timer0. The same thing happened to me when I was doing the Deerling in my thread xD
    I'm back xD

    I just had to go to my school. Class doesn't start for over an hour.
    What I did was jump right into Wild captures. I read no guide and I just used my knowledge from Stationaries, and I added in the factor of Encounter slots. So, I'm pretty sure you can get, because I gotta go to school :3
    yeah but i can't trade so many pkmn now(it's almost 1 am here).Btw i have gmt +3 atm.Can you ev-train with ev-wings in generation 5?
    I went to the hospital, but I guess I'm okay. I just hurt like hell. That guy just punched me out of no where :(
    I got mugged today and you did 5th Gen abuse, yay happy day x( Sorry, I'm in a bad mood, I really did get knocked out and mugged :(
    You want to get a couple Chatot. Makes advancing the PIDRNG easier. Also, it's easier to have everything on Frame 1. Makes it a lot easier.
    5th Gen RNG is easier to learn, but 4th Gen RNG is way easier once you get the hang of it, especially if you are doing breeding. 5th Gen breeding is aggravating.

    I forgot to mention about the ID/SID stuff, I have mine in there all the time, just in-case I need it.
    Whenever I do a Wild Pokemon, I only use a Frame of 1. Makes everything a whole lot easier. Everything you put in, seems good. I usually do one Keypress to make it easier. I can usually find any spread I want that way.
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