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  • Are you sure? it's a shiny latias, caught in a love ball and with the ot: Stephen
    It's all saved. Your RNGreporter should save all the parameters. Just to be safe, don't turn off your computer if your very cautious :P
    Okay now press use Result in Time Finder and now your set to do some Captures. Do you have any Chatot, or know how to set a Chatter?
    Yes it will still work. Now just plug the IVs into the boxes for that stuff in the finder. Minimum values on top, Maximum on Bottom. Then I think you just click the search or something like that and you should find a seed, if not we have to do this all over again with a new time xD
    Okay then, now save and turn off your game. Set you DS to the time that you have set in your Parameters finder and start your game on the 15th second. Don't press any buttons until you see the star go across your screen. When starting back up, Do Not turn on the C-gear. You should be in Victory Road now and Use Sweet Scent to encounter a Pokemon. Catch that Pokemon and plug it's Stats and such into and IV Calculator. Tell me when your there.
    Now for the In game steps. I want you to get a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and make sure you have at most 5 Pokemon in your Party. Fly to the top of Victory road and enter the first cave. Tell me when your there. (I just RNGed an HP Fire Tangela xD)
    Set it in the finder first. We have to do few things in game before we get this going.
    Not atm. Now set the date and time to anything you want, but make sure the seconds are at 15. The rest doesn't really matter. Tell me when you there.
    That's what you should be on. First Select the specifc details you can answer now. Then for your Mac address, open up your C-gear, Click the wifi button, then click on the little Hammer and wrench. Then I think you click on the orange button, then Mac address and it will show you. There's a little list of the steps to find your mac address in the 5th gen help thread.
    Actually, first we have to Calibrate. You need to first go into RNGreporter in Time Finder and go to the 5th Gen Parameters tab. In there you'll see a button that says find Parameters or something like that. Click on that and tell me when your there. I'm going to RNG this Tangela real fast, so take your time :P
    Excellent. Well no AR is going to set us back a little bit, but I think we'll manage. Are you fine with starting with Cobalion?
    There on the same level difficulty, except breeding you worry about NPCs. Lets do Stationary first. Do you have an AR with a rebattle code?
    Well you know 4th Gen right? The mechanics are similar, save it for the fact that it's a lot simpler and Keypresses are involved. Where do you want to start? Stationaries or Breeding?
    Hi, do you still have the Latios i won from stephenjm's giveaway?
    I was one of those who won one but still hasn't gotten it. (i forgot about it)
    "Nickname winners:
    1) Kaida - Jake626
    2) Celeste - fearow23
    3) Athena - Zachilles
    4) Tiamat - Jet Star
    5) Aurum - NeoFred"

    I'll ask Metalex too since you both are/were distributors of that pokemon.
    I prefer if the latios is still in a gen4 game, i'll post the FC which will be used.
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