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  • Hey we need to play for the OST. I'm GMT, and I'll be able to play from Saturday onward.
    I'm often on the french time server , otherwise we can shedule a time tomorrow at this same hour on showdown ?
    We need to play for bw2. Right now Im in spain so gmt +2 but I get back to gmt -5 on the first. Night time is the best for me right now.
    hey man, smogon isn't working for me so i'll be waiting for you on the server sky colosseum to get our st match done, thx !
    hey, we're paired for omaha. I'm GMT +1, still gotta build my team. I'll contact you again when i'm ready to play
    Hey man, the deadline's today for The Forgotten OU tour. When you come online, just send me a VM. Even if I'm not online at that second, I'll be frequently checking them so expect a response anyway. I'm not going to hesitate to ask for an extension if you don't come online at all today.
    Hello Chacal, I'm subbing in for PaperGlaceon. I'm ready just about any time you are for the battles, I've submitted my team too. Just let me know what you'd like to setup, and I am in PDT -7 time zone.
    Hey, what's up, we're paired for the forgotten OU tournament thingy. I'm GMT +1.

    I'll contact you when i've built my team.
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