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  • Thanks. It was my first VGC ever so I was just happy to make it as far as I did. ^__^;
    I'm just glad I lost to someone with skill and not due to hax. You managed to counter my leads really well; I knew I was pretty much screwed as soon as the battle began. XD.
    Were you the guy who beat me 4th round in Masters at Dallas? If so, good game. Glad to see you qualified for Nationals. =)
    EDIT: Nevermind, might have been someone else. I lost to a guy in a blue tank top. xD
    Well I have my grad party from 4-8 in case you forgot. And no, I just thought this picture was hilarious.
    you're my vgc tournament opponent. when can you battle? i'm of the EST time zone. i'll be available at about 9 pm almost every day. if that doesn't work for you, we can arrange something.
    I didnt see it, sorry. I was behind you in line. I may have seen you after the competition in passing though.
    I think I remember you. I was wearing a shirt that said adhd but in the acdc logo font with the lightning bolt in between (someone even mistook it for acdc and said they love acdc, and I do too lol). I was wearing my linkin park beanie cap some but not the whole day. I was walking around with by far the hottest girl there (my beautiful gf and the love of my life lol) a lot of the day. I also was with my brother and my two Asian friends (they were hard to miss lol) for the first half of the day. I was closer to the front middle of the line I think.
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