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  • okay i'm back in business. i'm working on a project tonight but i can battle after about 9 pm wednesday or after 6 thursday (EST)
    hi my internet is out at home but should be fixed shortly?

    i can battle once that's taken care of.
    I can battle tomorrow or Thursday like 3 30-4, but then practically any time over the weekend.
    I can battle later tonight, but then not again for a little bit. So VM me if you are on and notice that I am
    hi, we're paired to battle for rd 3 of of Alaka's tourny. Are you free tomorrow or the weekend to battle?
    I probably won't be on tonight, I'm working until late and then I have to do homework. Tomorrow evening would be better around the same time, SU server, if that's possible.
    Hey we're opponents for vgc tournament! I'm usually on 8-10:30 PM, GMT -6. I hope we won't need to schedule a time but if we don't catch each other on we may resort to it. I'm usually on the SU server on my main, smith.
    i forgot to say
    there are 6 hours different
    soit is 5pm for you and 11pm for me
    is this ok for you?
    Hi Cheese
    do you have time for a batlle at friday?
    You have to know I live in the same timezone like Carii (your former opponent in the tournament)
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