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  • I was trying to reconnect but my router got demolished for that and the next 2 nights. I couldnt go on the internet at home.
    hey im srry about d\c my power went out its still out actually and im doin this on my android but if you wat i was going to lose it was your game and idk if u wanted to record it but if u did im willing to do same moves sames guys if u remember later tonight wen power goes back on agian im srry
    ya, i need to fix up this team a little bit, my arcanine is pretty useless, and swampert is becoming kinda useless too.
    That was a really good and fun battle right to the end. I was waiting for you to come back with a earthquake crit and finish the game off.
    Great game nonetheless
    First of all i don't DC because of hax. Second the DC happened after i spored your tentacruel, so there wouldn't be much reason of why i would DC.
    Do not start blaming this on me. I asked you what happened and clearly it was a fault on nintendo's wifi. The match can easily be restarted and redone.
    No, I'm still in the match, though the whole thing just froze on my draco meteor. Even the music is playing and wifi light is flickering but the match is frozen
    GG im not sure if that crit mattered on Conkledurr because I could've switched in to thundurus or skarm and ko'ed it and even if you Landorus was scarfed skarm would've walled it to death
    gg, yeah I thought you would either switch or bulk up so I eq'd. wow lots of prediction that game. sorry about the crit. it matered, however you'd have to hit foucus blast
    yeah magic coat was suprising, I don't know the gen 5 metagame that well but I think that is original. reuniclus is sort of similar to bulk up conkeldur in that you invest in one defense stat while boosting the other and its attack
    gg, crit on draco mattere as i had shadow ball, but still it was fun. I am glad to finaly battle a non n00b. lol I bet you alos get tired of people who don't understand the concept of switching
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