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  • Hey I really like your CAP21 design :D I would say the base forme looks more detailed than the mega, perhaps it's the crystals on his back. Maybe give the mega longer hair, teeth, claws and tail? I also think the stripes on his body need to stand out more like the base forme.
    i got it, i am just lazy and easily distracted. i like the idea, but i havent even checked out the google docs yet.
    I just saw someone with featured art on Neopets with the username chomzloh.. is that you?
    my friend, do you do request's?
    i realy want one very bad. and your art style is awsome. i can't drwa myself, so if you could help me?

    thanks mate in advanced
    haha, fine :)

    (I have a faerie xweetok, a mutant usul, a rainbow kacheek, and a pirate kiko!)
    haha, I used to play a lot around Christmastime, but between Smogon and school I was running out of time to play it. I'm interested to know, what are your pets?
    Hi! Just wondering, do you go on Neopets? Because your submission for the art concept of CAP 10 and some of your posts in the what would Pokemon look like if they were different types thread remind me of neopets...
    Hey! You'll probably see this in a few hours. I was wondering what your time zone is? I live in Canada (about 3 hours ahead of the US), so if I'm posting this at 8:00, what time does it show on your end?

    Also, I wanted to say I'm really impressed with your art.
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