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  • I came in and couldn't see you. It happens sometimes. I'm heading back in hoping it works.
    Black, yes. And I'll be in wi-fi when you get on. Twenty minutes is fine as I'm in no hurry. I'll just set my game to the side.

    EDIT: And I just checked its ivs. They're flawless :) I thought they might be but it's been so long since I bred my Sigilyph I wasn't sure.
    If you happen to have any of the new DW pokemon, they would be great. If not, then don't worry about it and just send me a junk pokemon over. Do you want the Natu or the Sigilyph?
    I have a Natu with Stored Power/ Future Sight/ Psycho Shift/ Roost. Or, if you are breeding a Sigilyph, I have one of those with the egg moves and perfect ivs.
    I never said i was ur friend i was just asking if u quit trading =/ and a older person cant joke around u must hate george lopez.
    Hey (BAN ME PLEASE) i mean chris lol xD did you quit trading? cause your thread is not around anymore =/
    hey Chris, hows it going?

    Did you hear that POP are going to change the format for HGSS-ON starting July 1st? Pretty cool idea imo!
    go here:, download it, make a team in Team builder, click go online, scroll through the list of servers until you find smogon, join it, choose the tier you want to battle in, click Find Battle, win matches, go to the Tournaments forum, participate in tournaments, play great battlers

    I'm interested in the Excadrill with Sand Rush. I can offer a shiny, Timid Zoroark with HP Electric.
    All of my Pokemons are RNGd. And to get certain IVs, you need to catch it on a specific date. That goes for all of my Pokemons, and other peoples as well.
    Yeah, I need to rebuild my team too. Battling in wifi is a whole lot different than Pokemon Online, which I normally use.
    Just calc'd it myself, if you were running max HP and defense with a +Def nature, it would have a max of 40% and a min of 34%, and seeing how much my first Outrage did, I'm sure you're not running those stats. But yeah, good game. I felt bad about getting those mis haxes haha
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