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  • Well Empoleon really needs flawless Ivs for that set, but I think I already have a flawless one and it may or may not be ev'd I dont remember, though I think I have it as an egg too
    I'm using a 252 Hp/ 252 Sp.def / 4 Sp.atk Calm spread right now and ill try to get a rough draft of the team to you by tonight, though Im pretty sure I should have it by then
    About the Cresselia well yea you said it, Tyranitar completely destroys it and is the second most common pokemon. Scizor of course can also do a ton of damage to it and it is the most common pokemon. Im not saying it couldn't work though, all that would really be needed is some lures, like Life Orb Celebi, or Choice Specs Latias something like that and maybe dual screens, overall pretty interesting idea I think
    Well im currently testing out Ice beam and its not doing too bad right now, ill try toxic next which will basically let Milotic defeat Latias, plus giving it the ability to hit Zapdos on the switch as well as giving it a reliable way of taking care of togekiss. Oh and of course non taunt Gyarados.
    I sure hope not but, Jumpman's deciding right now what to do since it got 60% votes saying it's uber. They might keep suspect testing or just move it to the uber tier no one really knows what's going to happen right now
    Hmm yea I think I definitely agree with you, Restalk Milotic is definitely the best set for Milotic in OU, and sorry didnt know you had bred that Milotic yourself :x Anyway right now I'm thinking of basing the team off the classic fire/grass/water combination you know like, Heatran/Celebi/Suicune since I think that'd be the best way to compliment Milotic's presence. Any thoughts? Oh and it probably wont be Celebi just because it's hard to get a good one :/
    Oh hello I was actually just working on your team, Im just trying to make sure Restalk Milotic's the best one to make a team around. If not I can get a shiny Milotic of another nature if thats okay with you? Unless you absolutely want to use yours of course
    Sorry I didnt see your VM until now and yea I'd love to help you with your team. One question though do you want it to be a stall team like it is? Milotic on a stall team is perfectly doable, but Idk it just seems like it would be better served on a different type of team, just lemme know what you think whenever you have time
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