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  • Hello! Could you please add me in game? I'd really like access to your friend safari. My FC is 0189-9592-8424. My FS contains Aipom, Mincinno, and Smeargle.
    Hello there :)
    Could you hatch an Egg for me?
    would reward you with 4-5 iv pokemon
    Hey there :D I have been searching for a friend safari with both gyarados and frogadier and I hope you're still accepting fcodes :) I'll add you up as soon as possible and here is my code, 1719-3552-3674 . My friend safari is steel typed and contains ferroseed,skarmory and klefki so I hope they'll be of use to you :D Please and thank you.
    I have an egg that matches your TSV, could you please hatch it for me? The best I have in return is Pokerus, or if I happen to have a Pokémon you need.
    Could you hatch my egg for me please?
    Mind waiting until wednesday? I have to hatch some other peoples' eggs and clear my friend list.
    I saw that you have Gyara and Frog, mind adding me? FC: 1993-8067-1850 Ghost - shuppet spiritomb pumpkaboo
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