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  • People at my school are so horrible dude, Mens Chorus has an 80 percent tone deaf rate and a 60 percent mentally challenged percentage, these are actual statistics, we should find a high tenor if were serious about this, and whats Scotts screen name again?
    Dude thatd be sick, we definately should, where do you live again? And I forgot to give you back your water bottle, sorry man... And bro Ive got a recording system in my basement, and I know an incredible bass, one more and weve got a barber shop quartet

    I keep thinking I could have won if I had just led Whimsicott+Terrakion, but it was a great game, dude. I'm really sorry you had to lose like that right before t16, that really sucks.
    Hey if you need mons for regionals, let me know! I have tons of stuff on hand that I love supplying to VGCers. <3
    Are you active in the dream world? If so please consider adding FC so we can be neighbors please and thank you:

    Aloha! register my code please so we can be neighbors

    BlAcK FC 1076 7219 4498
    Hi, I saw you in the D/W thread. Would you like to be my friend in dream world? Need some more friends to collect dream points ^^
    Yes, you should really start to post on peoples walls rather than on your own! ;P People aren't likely to look at yours for messages meant for someone else!

    Anyhow, yes I do need EV training however not right now. ^^ I've got a few more Pokémon I need to EV train first!
    6 max for 2 pokes (if thats not enough we can negotiate).

    Sorry, I didnt see you on wifi.

    Can we confirm fcs to be sure?
    How many would you like to EV train? =) I'm aiming to have all of the Pokémon I've bred EV trained eventually.
    If Im not online, Ill still be on wifi, from 7:55 to 8:10 PST.

    Ill just trade you 3 filler pokes,
    and will have the pokemon ev trained by the end of the week!
    My friend code is 4382 8324 3394.
    I will ev train with the macho brace and pokerus,

    and yeah thats about it.
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