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  • lol dude a european forum is very exciting. it's gotta be hard for esl or non-english speaking players on smogon.
    Lol, it's ok :P. I'm lucky I have 3 ds's, it makes it so easy to talk to 32 people :P. Btw it was a Modest Darkrai that you wanted wasn't it? I got both Timid and Modest just incase ;)
    I'm great man. I've just been swamped with stuff this summer and unable to trade and breed. it's rough but i'm enjoying summer. what have you been up to?
    Nice :P. I was getting a non shiny Calm one from Shadowhunter but I've had a pending trade with him for over a month and I don't think he's intrested in the trade anymore :P. I never seem to be online at the same time as him.
    Ok cool. If you could get the spiritomb that would be aawesome :D. I'm gonna use this spread for the darkrai 31/1/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 801406a2 Frame: 491) HP DARK 68 or something with -10 attack IV (1688 delay can be a pain sometimes lol) for less confusion damage :P. I'll try to do it either tomorrow or on saturday.

    EDIT: I'll use this one instead 31/3/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 8e0102c9 Frame: 384) HP DARK 70 Much lower delay will make it quicker ;)
    Sure :). I'll do it on platinum since I don't have access to a diamond .sav on my flashcard :P. Do you want it to be a American one, Australian one or a European one?
    You're right, it's wiped.
    I saw it was touched so I figured you gave me the EV'd one.

    Thanks :)
    Yes, let's trade now ;D
    Do you want to receive the Wynaut in the first or second trade?
    Yea we can do the trading now as I'll have enough time to do the cleaning afterwards.
    I'm having a huge trade with Shawk within 10 minutes and I have to clean the house real quick which I'm gonna do right now. Do you mind if I get back to you later?
    No thanks but I do like that Great Ball Dugtrio UT n___n

    I think you might want to change the 252 HP ev's to Attack in your thread too ;D
    Nice :P. I never thought of those. I think that I'm gonna also catch a Guts Ursaring in a Friend ball :D.
    :P Enjoy the dratini. That was one of my most favourite captures :D. Do you have any ideas on what I should catch with that spread? It's also a careful spread as well :).
    Lol you're welcome :D. I put that calm milotic on my wants list yesterday thinking no one would ever catch one, thanks a bunch :D.
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