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  • no, I turned off my other providers. I still use MSN, though. Do you have an msn?
    Dear Jefferson -- Your aim account appears to have been compromised by some sort of spammer. He sends me links to things. :/ You should consider scanning your PC for whatnot and changing your passwords.
    you are pointless and terrible, jefferson, and appear to completely lack the vision to enjoy that thread. you should be on aim.
    jefferson - i think i gave you a copy of my rampardos, volbeats, stantler and illumise. Do you still have them by chance and could i get another copy of your charizard and feraligatr. :(
    hey CJ I need some pkm back like your shiny skarmory,adamant blastoise etc since i lost my game xP
    Yeah, they did.

    I was actually impressed with it, considering it was an all-ages concert. I'm still 17 and my mom was there too. haha
    Hey Jeff, may I please have another copy of your HP Rock Shiny Ninetails please? I did an EV'ing job a while back, and used a credit on it.

    I ended up cleaning out my boxes, and then released it by accident! D:
    Jefferson --

    It is imperative that you loan me your grammarian skills, once again.
    Hey, this is new.

    So how do you feel about the new Flaming Lips record? I personally love it and is still growing on me. When I saw them live, it made me feel like I was reborn into some dreamy, hairy world. Okay I was just kidding but you know what I mean, hopefully.
    I pretty well versed in the standard metagame, but I haven't beem so active in it. I've been getting into CaP, NU, Little Cup, and currently getting back into Ubers and UU after the changes.

    When everything has settled for you, try out NU. Its a fun metagame and I've actually been doing well at it.
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