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  • Busy busy. Still can't find a good 6 hour chunk to learn to RNG (not that I think I'd be any good at it - especially since I prefer to trade for pokemon... catching them myself seems to defeat the purpose... :).

    Apparently there's female DW eevees now... picked up a flawless male; still looking for some good females. :)
    You need a clone of that Trecko back, right?
    How many would you like?

    And is it redistributable in my thread?
    Sounds good.
    You'll need me to clone the trecko, right?

    VM me when you're free. Good luck w/ the math!
    1. Great to hear from you!
    2. I would love a F Eggecute, Murkrow, and Remoraid! (I have a bidoof!)
    3. I DO want that Trecko! It sounds AWESOME! I can clone you a copy (or several) if you want!

    Regarding Tecko - I do think that's something lots of people would want, even if it's not flawless. I know I do!

    Pick out some stuff in my thread, and let me know!
    Hey, could I possibly get a lileep? I don't have anymore dw though. Are you looking for anything else?
    If you're looking for good flawless males, let me know and I'll donate some to you.
    The Battle Subway Judge is incredibly efficient in G5 (if you have, say, more than 1 max IVs he tells you all of them in one-go). Effectively you stock up on a bunch of bred DW females, then check the Judge before trading them away. If you get lucky, you get a female with more Max IVs than the one you've been using; if you get REALLY lucky, you get something with the right stats in all places.

    There really is no down side to breeding w/ a flawless parent.

    Let me know. A little research and I can find a flawless father, maybe with some egg moves that you wouldn't mind the final product having...
    As I understand it, up to 5 IVs *CAN* be passed down (but clearly most often are not). 1 w/ each Power item, 1 from each parent at random (can overlap), and then MAYBE 1 extra from the ?father? (it's been a while since I've read this stuff).

    For example, I have a 3 max IV f DW Gligar and a flawless scizor. Out of the first 3 eggs, I had 2 females w/ DW ability, 1 with 2 max IVs, and 1 with 3.

    If you're going to be breeding these things anyway, you might as well use flawless parents. If you get lucky, you get someone w/ the right 4-5 max IVs.
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