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  • I have to keep track of way too many trades, so for my own benefit, I really need the requests in the thread so everything's in one place.
    What exactly do you need? o.o And if it's not needed for this Saturday I'd prefer to wait til saturday to trade.
    I don't mean to be a jerk - I just have to draw the line somewhere since I have such a high volume of trades I'm trying to manage by myself. I'm done trading for the day since I have somewhere to go, but you can edit your request post and maybe I'll approve it for tomorrow. I'd rather a regular Smogonite like yourself be getting my free pokemon than all the new users I seem to be handing them out to anyway... many of which are probably just moochers :/
    You were ignored because you didn't follow the rules of the thread. I'm not going to give you free Pokemon, sorry. But you're welcomed to make an offer on my normal thread.
    Tonight around 8:30 EST I'll be home and available to trade some mons out. =3
    Okay, no more finals for me. When are you available this week? Also what time zone are you in so we can calculate more efficiently. =3 I'm EST (GMT -6).
    I have finals til Tuesday the 10th so sometime after that preferably... Any specific times you're available?
    Just trying to tidy up some pendings...
    Looks like we never completed that Training job dealing with that shiny bold Cress...
    Hey, actually, if you're up for it, someone once said that if you can't connect to try a game of "swallot pop" and sometimes that helps... Don't know what version you have, but would you like to try?


    How bout we try again tomorrow


    I'll still have your pokes waiting for ya...

    ??? Comin back on? I need to get to trading like 7 boxes of pokes from one cart to another. :?

    Didn't it do this to us last time?!~?! >.<

    Well, I'll restart my game and see fi that helps any... could you do the same?
    Odd. I don't see you, so that means I put in the wrong code. Could you give me your FC again?
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