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  • Thanks a lot, dude! I'll put you in the White List of my thread for sure! Thanks again! =D
    Well, I got 2 Dratini (both Jolly), 2 Poliwag, 2 Vulpix (one Bold and one Modest) and one Jolly Gligar. (All of them female and with their Hidden Abilities, of course.) So, I can say I'm ready to trade.
    Thanks! :) Strictly, I'll only need or the Vulpix or the Nuzleaf, to breed Dark Pulse (and Extrasensory; they learn it by level-up) to Zorua; but have both of them will be good, to pass Dark Pulse to more Pokémon. So, to close the deal, Buneary, Ekans, Vulpix and Nuzleaf for female DW Dratini, Poliwag, Vulpix and Gligar, it's good to you?
    Cool! Could I ask you a favor (in trade for more females, of course ;D)? Can you get a spare Dark Pulse male Vulpix/Nuzleaf and/or a male Dark Pulse Ekans/Seviper?
    A male one? But I don't work with legendaries, sorry (I don't have any of them). If you want a female Pokémon with its Hidden Ability, I can breed one for you.
    Hmm. Could you do a shiny....fifth gen? If not, I'm sure we can arrainge something, its not very valuable to me xP
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