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    Copyediting Arceus-Fire [3/3] [0/2]

    QC: 3/3
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    Quality Control Arceus-Electric [QC: 0/3]

    QC: GP: [OVERVIEW] * Arceus-Electric's typing makes it a unique choice, being an pure Electric-type Pokémon it provides a essential check to common Flying Type's in the tier such as Mega Salamence and Arceus-Flying and most importantly the onlyCalm Mind Arceus Forme along side Arceus-Rock...
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    Resource USM Ubers Analysis Index

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    Copyediting Arceus-Fairy [GP 0/2]

    Set Details Small nitpick, this looks like pointless fluff to me, I would prefer it to say something on the lines of 'Pixie Plate is used to increase Judgments power' Usage Tips Mention how Arceus Fairy can easily get up rocks vs bouncers with, most importantly M-Sableye due to it's typing...
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    Copyediting Buzzwole [3/3] [0/2]

    Lower Ice Punch to OO mention what it does, it's way too situational for a moves mention Stone Edge should get a moves mention instead as it gains on Ho-oh (which is arguably it's biggest check) and still does a reasonable amount to Mence/Rayquaza. Add Shed shell to OO as well, mention how it...
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    Ubers Ubers Winter Seasonal III - Round 4

    Won ggs
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    Thats perfect for me

    Thats perfect for me
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    Copyediting Arceus-Ground [QC 3/3][GP 0/2]

    I think Lugia should be in the top spot of Checks and Counters. Sub on the SD set is increasingly ubiquitous in the USM Ubers metagame, making Celesteela a less effective check to Swords Dance and Lugia has access to Whirlwind, allowing it to simply phase out Sub variants. Lugia is also capable...
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    Hello, we are paired for the Ubers seasonal round 4, I am GMT+0, I work mon-fri and won't be...

    Hello, we are paired for the Ubers seasonal round 4, I am GMT+0, I work mon-fri and won't be available until 7pm on weekdays, I am free most the time on weekends
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    Copyediting Zygarde-C [QC 3/3] [GP 0/2]

    Reword this so the previous point doesn't conflict with the following one, but keep the mention of scouting for moves. Defensive checks - mention some QC: 3/3
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    Copyediting Toxapex (QC 3/3) (GP 1/2)

    good stuff QC: 1/3
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    Copyediting Toxapex (QC 3/3) (GP 1/2)

    Include Aromatherapy/Refresh users in this statement. Usage tips: Reword this statement. Change to offensive Ho-Oh and mention Mega Salamence as strong physical attackers Toxapex is unable to deal with. Mention Mega Lucario lacking EQ here aswell as it's usually a fundamental check to it on...
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    Copyediting Kyurem-W [GP 1/2]

    This looks all fine, good stuff, make this GP ready. QC: 3/3
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    Done Aegislash [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Time to put this to rest, well written, great stuff QC: 3/3