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  • Yep, Rotom is breedable. :)

    Yes it's possible to RNG stationary Pokemon. In fact, that's the easiest thing to RNG and is what I recommend doing first if you're still learning to RNG-abuse. I say it's easy because it takes fewer steps than other RNG-abusing.

    RNGing in the Safari Zone is possible, but to RNG wild encounter pokemon, you also have to take into account things called Encounter Slots, which is something only really controllable through the use of Sweet Scent. Here's a guide that includes Sweet Scent use and explanations of Encounter Slots:

    I would say, however, that the easiest way to get your flawless Cacturne is to breed for it. Encountering a wild Pokemon with flawless IVs is very hard - much harder than just breeding with a flawless Ditto and having the egg inherit IVs from it. RNG breeding is still complex, so if you can practice by RNGing stationary legendaries, I'd recommend doing that a few times.
    In order to RNG legendaries, I would have to use the re-battle code. I don't own an AR though, so unfortunately my RNG services are restricted to Pokemon that I can either breed or catch.

    I can breed a Rotom and give it W-form, but once it goes into the wifi-room, it reverts back to standard form, so unless you have Platinum or HeartGold/SoulSilver, there's no way for you to get the different forms.

    And I would be glad to help you learn to RNG. But since it's so complex, it would be very difficult to help you over messages. My recommendation is to study these pages first:
    Then I can help you if you have specific questions. Or I can even meet you on an IRC channel sometime to walk you through it. The hardest part is really just understanding the concepts like "seed," "delay," "frame" etcetera. Actually doing the RNG-abuse is pretty easy after that.
    Hi, Cynth. Maybe not tonight, but later, I can help you with your RNG project, but we'll need to use MSN Messenger. VMs and PMs are too slow.
    RNG-abuse stuff is not easy so don't feel bad about not being able to do it yet. I can get that Roselia made for you though, no problem. Do you have 4 Hidden Power TMs? I'll trade for that. If not, I can just make note in my thread that you owe me a couple credits. I'll let you know when I have your Pokemon finished. :)
    Hi, Cynth. I can get you your SID. You need to trade me a useless pokemon you caught from your game. Use my Pearl FC.

    For learning RNG, I have some guides on my trade thread. See my sig for the link.
    It's fine. I love Smogon, and I love the information provided. I see how strict the RMT threads are getting these days.
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