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    About time

    About time
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    Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    Dead thread, but nominating Victini to S. This thing has two things really going for it in this tier: Versatility and Firepower. My favorite Victini set from back in the day is the Banded set. When Banded Victini gets a free switch in, something is gonna get destroyed. Between V-Create and Bolt...
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    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - The Three of Us

    I've given up on trying to make reqs, but after some trial and error going a combined 30-10 through 2 alts, I can say that the amount of pressure that Arena Trap can put on a team is incredible. There have been games where I would just have my Eject Button Toxapex bring in Duggy to eliminate a...
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    Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Did a quick run through of Sapphire with Heracross. Once it get rolling, it's a killing machine. Winona, you have to avoid Swellow. You can set up Bulk Ups on Pelipper and clean from there with Rock Tomb (with items of course; Aerial Ace from Pelipper still hurts). Tate & Liza was a challenge...
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    Pokémon X & Y In-game Tier List Discussion (MkII)

    Completed a run of X last night. Will be writing up on a few mons. Availability: Route 4 Stats: High SpA & SpD. Very good Base 90 speed to back it up. Typing: Grass/Poison is a mixed bag. Excels early and mid-game, but tends to peter out towards the endgame. Movepool: Getting Giga Drain at...
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    Research In Game Tiering Threads List

    I do have some free time on my hands in the evening and I would be happy to help revise some of the tier lists.
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    Research Pokemon XD In-Game Tier List

    I'm gonna breathe a little bit of life into this thread with some nominations. I like Shellder for C tier. I have done some playthroughs of XD with it and I do like the utility Cloyster gives in some of the matchups. The base 85 SpA isn't too shabby and it has access to Surf for the spread...
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    Research In Game Tiering Threads List

    That’s an older list. I’m asking about a revamp.
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    Research In Game Tiering Threads List

    Is there a possibility of getting an updated Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness in-game tiers thread in the near future?
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    SM OU Top 1 - ToxaBand Revolution (Peaked 2103)

    This looks like a VERY cool team. I think I would suggest using a Shift Gear variant of Magearna over the Scarf variant that you have already so you have an extra wincon on you. On a bulkier team like this, a Choice Scarf Magearna doesn't seem all that necessary. You're already kinda weak to...
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    ORAS Tier List V2.0

    I just completed a run using Meditite and it runs through the portion of the game that you get it like a truck as expected. You get it after you beat Winona at Mt. Pyre which is pretty late in the game, but after a little bit of babying up, it becomes one of the most reliable wallbreakers on...
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    Just saw your Alolan Ninetales cores with Mega Zard X & Salamence. It did work. Thanks for...

    Just saw your Alolan Ninetales cores with Mega Zard X & Salamence. It did work. Thanks for posting that.
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    Resource ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V5 (See Page 43 - Post #1063)

    I endorse the move of Mega Venusaur down to B. Current metagame trends favor sand and BirdSpam currently. The former hinders Mega Venusaur's recovery with Synthesis and Mega Venusaur is pretty much useless against the latter. The popularity of Amoonguss and Tangrowth don't do Mega Venusaur any...
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    Lucos :]

    Lucos :]
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    Resource ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V5 (See Page 43 - Post #1063)

    I've used Nidoking in OU and I see it as a pretty fearsome wall breaker with some crazy coverage to handle a good portion of the OU metagame. Sludge Wave nails Fairies like Clefable, Earth Power takes care of steel types not named Skarmory, Ferrothorn, or (Mega) Scizor which can be handled with...