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  • Hey behind the pig riding shack is a second light sensor boro made to add a bit of security to our lights, but it isn't working properly could you take a peek?
    Don't worry dan I have now taken over the minecraft OP and all information is up to date.
    Then I'll guess I have to try to be on msn :P ...TRY!! xD Dan Dan steel my pokeymanz? :O Also vote Weepinbell!
    thats a relief man. I should be getting my monitor back tomorrow after a month or so and then maybe I'll see you around :D will you still be doing vids?

    If there's another server will you atleast be playing on it as a common player or are you quitting minecraft forever?
    Dan Dan, the latest Smogcraft vid reminded me -- we should do OPLV before we nuke the map, and before I move back to school!

    Whenever time is convenient for you works for me, but we should do it before this coming weekend!
    Hammy is stressed because she's been lazy so now she has to do everything on weekend instead :/ xD
    I don't believe I was, although I've have been in the very very distant past D:

    whenever you get the time double check for me please
    yo heard you are restarting smogcraft map, do you mind if you whitelist me please?

    IGN: Renosaur
    :s - yeah, it is...

    TBH if you're restarting the map soon (as I heard) It doesn't matter too much, as I don't go on much anyway (special events when I go out, cause I can't do it at home xD)
    ok, I just tried to log into Minecraft:

    "Failed to connect to the server

    Connection refused: Connect"

    ...has something happened I'm not aware of? or is this just more server troubles, because that image thing (great Idea adding it IMO) said the server was fine...

    (note: do names have to be case sensitive? because that might be the problem)
    Using something like that might be worth a shot! We should test it before the real thing.
    Well, let me know when you'd like to do it!

    What Skype recorder thingy do you use?
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