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  • lol

    the best way that I can reach you is through smogon irc

    Just open up a new mIRC window, and go to the server:

    near n i are always there.#skark #smogon #ratemyteam #littlecup

    ^Channels you should keep note of
    lol, the things that happen when you steal a team from the smogon archives -_-'

    I'm done with OU, Little cup is where its at now.

    I peaked on shoddy at around 1460 ish. It really is the same semistall bullshit over again. Little cup is so much fun, it isn't funny :D. The fastest pokemon wins. It's also pretty cute, as a pokemon with a stat of 28 is uber

    I'm just rating teams now.. >_>;
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