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  • hi! can you help me to hatch an egg?! 3132
    sure ill be connected for 4 hours more today just send me an msg ill be around
    Ehi im online now!
    hi i was online yesterday , but i never see ur msg, ill be connected today my time is UTC-4 right now is9 am ill be around until 2pm
    can you help me hatch this 3132 egg?
    ohh man sry i didnt see this !!! if u still need help ill be connected today just write here, and again sry but i dont see ur post :(
    aa sorry excel xD, la x esta pegada de la s y no me di cuenta ene teclado, ya trate le di en abilitar macross y no sale la ventana de menu, si le doy click en el recuadro pequeño de macross me sale una ventana que dice ejecutar macro, pero no aparece donde tiene que poner la id y sid, solo aparece una ventana que dice main menu donde pones lo de Upadate method 1 shiny search, frame to real time y eso
    ya revise varias veces el bitxor que descargue y no me aparece ninguna ventana ni la opcion de menu =/
    me podrias dar el link de donde lo descargaste o no se si sea mi pc por que a mi me aparece solo como archivo de escel, pero no me aparece ninguna ventana ni menu =S
    esque ya pude usar el lua script, pero asdecuenta que quiero este spread timid 31/31/31/31/31/31 en emerald la pid es 7942ef72 y la frame dice que es 176, 562, 488.
    no se que tengo que hacer luego para dar exactamente con la id/sid para abusar de este shiny spread en emerald
    ya pude hacer funcionar el script pero ahora no se que mas tengo que hacer una vez que inicio el juego. se supone que tengo que ayar una buena id/sid pero no se como puedo saberla
    no logro hacer que funcione el script =/ lo tengo que guardar en office word o es en el blog de notas de la pc?
    Thanks. Although I did kinda gear that towards retail stuff. Not many people have a JP Emerald cart. :/
    ya entidi mas, pero no se que es visual boy advance rr, no se que significa las rr, o si es otro tipo de vba el que tengo que descargar.
    Here's a guide. Use VBA-RR so you can use the lua scripts from here. For English Emerald I posted a script that Bond changed around to display actual PRNG frame, not video frame. Note that being in battle advances twice per frame, so twice as fast.
    Ok. What you would have to do is place the parents in the daycare. Then walk 254 steps (use max repel at the counter, walk until it wears then take 4 more steps). You NEED to be in an area with no randomly moving NPCs (inside the daycare building itself works). Then you SR, load the save, and take the last step. Check if the old man has an egg, if he does hatch it, then do whatever you need to do to find out the exact PID. Then enter it (in decimal) into eepid.exe. That will be your base calibration value.
    Hi, was wondering if you could rng a timid mew on emerald with nice ivs with 31 speed iv in a premier ball. or a hasty one tutored counter. The ivs can be like 20+ in everything but the speed iv needs to be 31. I have DW Carmander/Bulbasaur/Chimchar rng'd and a Rash flawless ranch mew.
    Cool! would you mind doing a test trade with me first? don't want to waste your time if we can't connect.
    Hey man, I had a hard time checking your thread because the pics wouldn't show. Would you mind doing some BPs for me instead?
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