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  • Hi Would you mind adding my FC please ?
    My FC is 2165 - 6488 - 2401 (Mine have Rhydon, Pupitar and Nosepass)
    I kind of need Gyarados in my team right now, and... Azumarill seems popular for some reason...
    anyway my usual playtime is 9-12 am est , May I know your usual playtime please ?
    added. I'm not usually on that early since I'm pst. usually on at 6pm pst
    Thank you! xD Very much! xD
    Hey I was wondering if you wanted to exchange FCs for Friend Safari? I'm really interested in your Azumarill specifically. I'm Rock (Dwebble, Rhydon, Corsola) and my code is 1306-6329-0529
    Flawless, redistributable, North American, Ditto: I've got one if you still need it! What can you offer?
    Yeah its unfortunate that there was alot of good art this CAP but IMO yours was the best. I also thought that you had the best supporting material, I especially liked the picture of it fighting with rotom and the backstory with the unown :D You definately should make an art thread, if all your art is this great it will be amazing :)
    Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your CAP design and it got my vote in the poll and I also loved the story behind it :D
    I really love your CAP11, but I like first black cape better, as it would use it to cover its red body to hide in the dark.
    I have a MODEST Starmie with the moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Psychic (great coverage). The EVs are 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe. I used it for Battle Tower myself and it was pretty good for something that isn't flawless (random IVs). It's IVs are: 17-18/19-20/25-26/17-18/30-31/11-12 according to an IV calculator. I can send it to you with a LO, Wise Glasses, or whatever item you want. Let me know if you're interested.
    I have Bulbasaur, but I'm looking for Torchic, and the Johtso starters. If you must know, the shiny Mismagius's IVs are: 17/31/26/31/31/31 (Hidden Power Dragon 69) and it will be NON-REDIS if I trade it to you. I hope we can make a deal for this, if not I have other ideas.
    Well, I really want hex flawless PKMN, but I doubt you're willing to trade one for just a shiny Mismagius or plain Misdreavus. How about something fully-redis as a 2nd option? If not I'll let you make an offer.
    I have a shiny Mismagius or I can breed it to give you Misdreavus. If you have something I can't get from Diamond or Platinum then, that would be fine since I have every item necessary.
    No worries dude, it really is a great concept. Good luck in the poll!
    Haha no problem. =) I can only imagine how hard you must have worked on it and I had to say how awesome it was!
    I've got 1 egg locked (shiny, nature, gender) that needs IVs, but I haven't started the other ones. Sorry I didn't get back to you last week (tbh I thought I had). I finally freed some time up in my schedule this week, so I should have them done by Thursday/Friday. As for the stuff you want from my thread, just tell me when you want to trade and I'll send you them. Almost anytime is good after Monday.
    Hi I hear you make awesome banners. I was wondering if you could possibly make me a couple for some credits in my shop. :)
    Ah, impressive. I'm a myself. I always try to find out what other people are using. Just for the heck of it =)
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