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  • Lol, well, either way, I hope you have fun. Yeah, the VGCs are actually probably the best way to meet other pokefans irl and make some great friendships.
    Oh, it's nothing. I hope you can make it this year. It's really not that um... difficult to show up and do well, with some good IV/EV/Nature mons that work well together. Plus, the best part is just meeting everybody else from the site and having fun (see any of the old warstories from VGC 09 and 10).
    IRC is Internet Relay Chat. It's a chatroom, where people can do what we're doing right here, but much faster; in real-time infact. All you have to do to get there is click either of these links #smogonwifi or #skarmbliss , pick a Nick Name, and press Go. Then you just type and chat away in real-time. #smogonwifi is the "official" chatroom for smogoners doing wifi business (including trading and battling), and #skarmbliss is the "official" chatroom. is a much smaller site, very like smogon, but focuses only on VGC, no singles or whatever. Bluecookies, Bad Intent, Deagle, Metabou, Drug Duck, Massi, Myself, and many other VGC Worlds '09, and '10 players all hang out on #skarmbliss. #skarmbliss has live wifi tournaments, set up to be exactly like the actual VGCs, every saturday at 3PM US Central Time.
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