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  • like tiny said, how are you? you haven't been online for a while, almost 2 months. everything okay?
    Dave I think Jim's (or volcorana's) pkm are hacked.
    I think he told me that once, he got the RNG wrong and used some AR codes that made his pkms PID's wrong which made them hacked.
    haha, that's no problem. I haven't touched the sassy one. and everyone can make a mistake :D, and thx for trading :)
    hey dave, I really don't wanna say this, because you've done so much for me, but the thundurus you gave me, was sassy nature :s and to be honest, i'm really nothing with a sassy thundurus. I saw on your trade thread that it was timid, so maybe you saw it wrong. i'm feeling really bad saying this, but can it be traded back for a timid one :s? if not that's fine by me though :) thx for understanding.
    I was wondering if you can by chance, EV train and level up a 'mon? The details are Timid Litwick HP-ground of OT Zidane.. With the EVs HP_72/Sp.A_252/Spe_184..

    P.S. : Can you please equipped it with the item, Wide Glasses? It would be greatly helpful..
    Have you ever been to the Sidney Opera House? If I ever visit Australia that's one of the first places I would go besides the outback and opal mines for boulder opals!!!...
    kk good! So you wanted it quiet right? :)
    Also both parents where different language right? Lastly does it has good Ivs? :p
    Hey, we have a pending trade, please let me know when you are available, thank you.

    Alamos Darkrai and Shinx for Vanilluxe and Porygon2.
    The pokemon I was interested is 2 credits each, the pokemon I wasn't really interested in are 1 credit each.

    Also I might leave in 45 min so.
    ok. |o|
    Well I'm catching terrakion right now, after that I'll go to sleep. At 990 frame shiny Lol But hey it has good ivs. ;)
    dave for better natures when you breed you should try to use an ever stone.
    Here are some tips for getting good pkms if you don't know how to RNG breed. ;)
    First hack a flawless parent with desired nature (and with possible egg move combinations) and make it hold the everstone. Hack the mother (or ditto Lol) flawless and hack it like it came from another country (so you can have higher chances of shininess).
    Fast egg hatch code will help you if you have an AR (since I don't have one I suffer when hatching eggs Lol).
    Well that's all I can say. :p
    Also did you get my pkms? and don't forget, don't GIVE Vish anything!!! Muahahaha! x3
    haha Ditto to that.. :(
    My life is great except for the time difference.. Australia is exactly opposite of the US. on the Earth's surface..
    okay Good Friend.. HA. c(;
    what for? even though they are shiny they aren't the ones I want. |o|
    If I would aim for shiny I would have all pkm shiny that are catch-able for me.
    I may buy a wii since it got cheaper. ^^
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