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  • This is what your profile says - "DP Friend Code 2450 6929 1907"

    I figured you'd want them on G4, just in case you want to tutor some moves or something before pokeshifting.

    Let me know if I need to enter a different FC.
    How'd he obtqain the Mew? I'm unaware of this...

    Anyways, I should be free tonight - let me know.
    Oh yeah, forgot I started new Black again and can't transfer yet. But no worries, I have won E4. Just need to get to PokeTransfer.
    Saw your reply, looks good. VM me when you're free to trade.
    (PS - Pretty sure Eppie's mew is real. He is a trustworthy smogoner)
    Breeding's been going pretty well by the way, though I have been pretty regularly having to deal with PIDRNG stuff not being quite like the reporter thinks it will be... it's just off by a constant generally. I never did any RNG in gen IV so I can't speak to that though.
    Sorry I selected the wrong Ditto the first time... but you ended up inadvertently getting an Everstone as a bonus!

    Thanks so much and good luck!
    Yeah, that's what I'm about to be doing besides going out and collecting the Museketeers. How has breeding been for you? I did shiny, flawless breeding in Gen IV, I heard they made it slightly easier in Gen V even though the IV's and nature/ability/shininess run on different intervals.
    I only recently found out what RNG'ing was so I've only just started out. Mostly I've been breeding so far.
    Awesome. Thanks so much! I'm pretty new to this so having pokemon I can redistribute is really helpful. I'm up and running so I'll see you in the wifi club momentarily.
    If you don't think you're likely to make it redistributable at any point, do you have any DW females? I would be willing to trade for one of those that I don't have even if it doesn't have good IVs.
    Hmm... that's a little disappointing... do you think at any point you will make it at least semi-redis? I don't really use ubers much myself...
    Sure. Just give me a few minutes; the wifi at my house isn't compatible with my DS so I have to go somewhere where I can mooch wifi that works.

    Just wondering: what are the redis rights to your Zekrom? The Ditto is fully redistributible.

    Also I'll need your friend code. I'll message you again once I'm in a place with compatible internet.
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