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  • Hi there, any chance of adding me too? :p

    Friend Code : 3196-3559-1677
    Friend Safari: Poison
    Pokemon: Serviper, Venomoth, Muk
    Hi Would you mind adding my FC please ?
    My FC is 2165 - 6488 - 2401 (Mine have Rhydon, Pupitar and Nosepass)
    and your avatar almost gave me a heart attack O.o,
    Hey there! Was wondering if I could possibly add your FC (dat Piloswine). My own FC is 0748-2773-0980. Notable mons are Diggersby tho, and Wooper. Thanks in advance!
    hi I'm sorry to be so needy but would you mind adding me to to your friend list. I really want a Hidden ability Riolu and I have had absolutely no success. my fc is 3024 6361 1567.
    Thank you very much! already found 5 with the ability
    Hi! I added you from the safari spreadsheet. Could you add my friend code? It's 5215-0411-5375. I'm normal type, and have Eevee, Aipom, and Loudred. Thanks!
    Hey there mate would you mind adding my friend code? It is 2079-7334-0130. I am a dragon type and have Fraxure, Dragonair and Sliggoo. Thanks!
    Hey, I added you from the safari spreadsheet. You have just the safari I've been lookin for. Add me back if you don't mind FC: 0361-7330-0756 I appreciate it
    I saw your FC in the Friend Safari google doc and friended it. Mind adding me back? 0361-6922-2776

    I'm sorry, you said I ragequit on you too? First, what team did you use and what team did I use? Second, I haven't disconnected on anyone this entire tournament.
    I had 4 losses on day one:

    "BZ?" (Cybertron)

    Any of those you?
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