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  • hello bro^^ yeah i hope to because i'm moving to Belgium for university so i hope to have enough time to play vgc XD
    If you told me earlier I could have been on at that time...
    I'll be on tomorrow just in case I see you on.
    Is it possible for you to stay up a little longer more than that day after the party? Or instead, is it possible for you to get up early? But the looks of it, you have a very, very small time frame in which you use Smogon. I'm pretty flexibe except for one 8-hour time from; my usual sleeping time.
    Do you think you would be able to stay on for a bit later than usual, like 6 hours after your post on a Friday night your time? 9:00am GMT+11 my time?
    eq > fire punch (or roost) on dragonite or sr / mm / ha / tp metagross @ balloon > heatran
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