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  • Hey, I saw your post on the Dexit thread about not buying SWSH because the franchise doesn't appeal to you anymore. What are you, a fucking idiot? You can't express calm discontent and quietly move on to greener pastures! You're supposed to spam hashtags on social media while like-fishing with sob stories about how your favorite Pokemon you caught on Ruby when you were still in the womb didn't make the cut! /s
    LOL, sarcasm scale broken!
    I guess many are in the Anger phase of grief.

    My preferences and GF's have been diverging for a while.
    I've been enduring the formulaic main campaigns to get to the post game.
    But they've gradually gutted the post game; cutting Pokemon adds to that.

    So Dexit was just confirmation that it's over.
    I'm sure there'll be fun to me had, but not worth $.
    For info, I'll still have Smogon etc.
    Thank you. Thank you so much for your input in the Garchomp/Sand Veil thread. Honestly. Bringing sense to Smogon in a nice breath of fresh air.
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