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  • just what is the redis policy on this one if i may ask? I will mainly have this for b/w only, but if in case can I put it on my thread as non-redis (i can trade it while those who will receive it cant?) pls let me know what you think... thanks again!
    i really cant get on wifi anymore. idk why. anyways i am retiring for the night i am exhausted, been a long day. will catch you again tomorrow, k? thanks!
    I have been doing that. idk what else can be wrong, but it is like this at night. I seriously dont want you to keepyou waiting until i get on because it may take until an hour or so... can we just resched tomorrow evening? around this same time? for sure tomorrow i will have more stable connection.
    oh been waiting to get on for 20 minutes now, dont want to keep you waiting. I was already on wifi before then i got disconnected for some reason. and now i cant connect... sorry about that, how about tomorrow around this same time or maybe earlier? will be available? again i apologize...
    i will try to stay on for the next two hours so let me know if you will be back on here until later. ok? thanks.
    I dont have your pearl fc. can you send it over? also, what time tomorrow night? WE can set a time and I will just see you on wifi at that time then. My pearl fc (player hinata) in my sig will be used in this trade. If any chance can we trade tonight?
    I am sorry about yesterday, I wasn't able to get online. I can trade tonight if you ever go online tonight, just let me know or we can catch each other tomorrow evening, around 7 or 8pm until midnight PST.
    um, what would you like for it? i only have redist. or i can EV train :s
    also mind posting who's suicune it is? thanks :)
    ah, just saw your reply to my post :) does the suicune have normal name, ie. no nickname? and i don't have a trade thread, i only help people EV train Pokemon haha. other than that i only have redist. pokemon :s
    haha, my birthday is april, my join date was august. i'm from sydney :) what about you?
    No but its pretty self explainationary since you just have to use sweet scent or press A or walk towards the legendary at the right frame and please dont type like this because its more difficult for me to read kthxbai
    i see. its ok... i can wait... ill be out of wifi then. let me know when you got the jolly one ready... =) not in a hurry.
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