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  • ok im not very good at that tier but ill try and give you a run for your money atleast lol after this battle
    Hahaha looks like it couldve been either of us then lol

    But yeah man, it was great to get some battles in too. That sucks we d/c'd because that was totally gonna be the one I uploaded. Oh well, another time :p

    I know how you feel about battling. I had Internet issues (we switched to WPA so I couldn't battle for a bit, but I figured out how to switch back to WEP for battling) then came back. I LOVE black and white. So awesome :)

    Anytime you see me on just hit me up. You're great fun to battle. If you have Skype, feel free to hit me up there as well. I'm on there more often than here. It's j.walker21.

    And I knew typhlosion would scare you off so I predicted right. I actually was crossing my fingers with luxray that it was grass too. Looks like it was :p

    That was such a good game too :(

    I was afraid it would happen. My DS was dying so I had to plug it in. Unfortunately, my room gets a dead spot and when I'm charging I sometimes hit it. We can try again if you want. New teams, same teams I don't care.
    Haha no worries. I wouldn't upload that one because it seemed so one sided and I know from our UU game you're legit.

    I actually never used that Ariados before. I tend to grab random pokemon before I go in, because I don't like teams to get boring.
    Sure. I haven't gotten to battle in a while, so I am totally up for another go.

    I can pretty much do anything you want. What sounds good?
    Gg bud. My team just happened to match up well against you that time.

    I totally blanked on insomnia lol. Still, not a whole lot you couldve really done against me.
    Ok cool. That's weird though, im sitting here and I don't see you D:

    Also, gonna ask before I do it. Do you mind if I upload our battle?
    I went on to battle you but it didn't work twice, I reset my DS, and now you're not in the room D:
    I got a roulette, but I'd love to NU after if you're around. It looks like my mixed tier Vs OU anyway so it shouldn't be long lol
    hey sorry but iv been really busy and for some reason my WIFI doesnt work. im trying to get it working before pokemon BW
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