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  • Sorry, I was away a lot doing things. My family was over all day for Easter. D;
    Most people breed for the egg moves and catch everything else wild. You don't need flawless parents (though you do need at least a couple flawless stats since 3 of the IVs come from the parents), but the better they are, the faster you'll find a seed.
    Calm down. I'll tell you when it is done. If I'm lucky, I will have it bred by tonight but will still need to gather BP. So please, stop asking when it will be ready. I can only go so fast because I do other things than breed Shuckles all day.
    No. Gen 3 is much different than 4 and 5 because the methods and stuff can fluctuate so for example you have to use Emerald Splits for breeding. You want to try to hit ones that are non-split but it will randomly change to split throughout the course of attempting. I am still working on breeding a parent and then I will have to RNG the actual Shuckle. Then since you need Defense Curl I will have to play the Battle Tower/Facilities until I get 16 BP.
    Do you want Sturdy or Gluttony? Because if you want Gluttony then it is impossible to have with Defense Curl.
    Prolly later tonight. It's Good Friday, so the mass will run a little long.
    Sorry, my FC is 4384 2195 3412. I can't trade right now though because I'm leaving for mass D:
    No. I told you I had other requests to do first, and I do other things than Pokemon so I've been busy. You've given me about 1 day to do it, and in that day I was doing other requests that came first.
    He's been having Wifi problems for a while, I'm afraid, and we don't know when they'll be rectified. If you want it for a 5th generation game, however, I can create the equivalent.
    It's SDef is high enough. You have rest. Also, in VGC if they can catch on they can double team your Shuckle enough and kill it before it can set up. However, I respect your want and will add it to my list, but I can't guarantee it will get done by Spring Regs if you go. Also, if you don't actually need a 31 SAtk IV, which I am assuming you don't, that would make it much easier to finish sooner.
    Ok my point is, I'm not so sure if I can guarantee to get it to you by then since I'm already working on another Gen 3 thing for someone else and fairly busy. Also, I know how Shuckle works so you don't have to let me know it hits 900 SDef in the sand. However, I would propose you use Max Defense rather than Special Defense as it will already hit around 600 SDef, and those numbers are assuming Lv 100.
    I really hope this is a late and failed April Fools joke.

    1. I don't have a shuckle in my thread, I format my posts with all the evolutionary lines so I know where stuff goes and people can search and know immediately whether I have something or not, looking at my thread and using some common sense you could figure that out.
    2. Even if I had it why would I trade it to you? From what I can tell you have nothing of value yourself and just beg other poeple to RNG stuff for you.
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