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  • hello doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of loving you.
    really though, hellohello, how are you, let's be friends, etc :)
    think you're boss with your cheap ornithology?
    let me debunk the heart of your mythology
    see in reality my salary is higher than your calories
    how are we, you, the peanut gallery, and me, the one with power, g
    even in a confrontation? it's time to change the station
    your flow so third world it's like battlin' a haitian
    your rhymes are flightless, your brain is fightless
    my rhymes are aerial aces, your rhymes, sadly, might miss
    ok ok i made it into a rap so we can rap battle if you dare

    more like dr heartbeak cause this guys for the birds
    id describe just how unchill he is but my vocab lacks the words
    unlike other avians, this muthafucka dont fly
    aint got no eye of the tiger nor no fearful symmetry
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