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  • nah just its normal name is good :D
    can we trade in the next couple of days?
    and sure, what kind of shroomish :3
    "i need buy a new charger for my ds"

    conseguire / i'll get, in past

    i dont know i need see your thread

    oh the sassy,and i dont see a impish ._.
    el rng es algo nuevo cuando lo ves igual que todo y al principio se hace dificil porque no lo comprendes,pero si practicas aprenderas.

    And thats a nice duskull <3333 conseguire un cargador y tratare de quitartelo de tus manos >33
    Okay, just wondering in XD how do you have the patience to reset battles o.O I find it extremely time consuming. Lol I haven't gotten very far in it as I wanted to reset for good IVs.
    her ninja_kitty143 and i know :3 cuando aprendi a rngear hice mas para ver si no era coincidencia que los hice...por lo visto no :p creo que no tocare el rng en Black hasta "sumer break" in May.
    Very busy as of late, sorry didn't get back to you right away.

    Your Jolly Mawile looks tasty. When will you get it off?
    You can on the emulators, or so I've heard. Like I said though, I played the Emulators a while back before I had the games.

    Yeah true, Superpower is kind of sucky except for hit and run.

    Oh, fair enough. It's not an online only class is it?
    I don't remember, I was just playing it for fun.

    Yeah, he does. That's why I have to breed one unfortunately. You can make do without but you'd have to do like Superpower / Shadow Claw / Facade or something. Not as good.

    LOL. Your english class has word count requirements, then?
    No no no, those are all different! I caught so many lol.

    It's not in HG, otherwise I would have D:

    Sounds fun, I don't think I really miss homework...
    Yes, it is cute. Here's a pic of a box from the FR emulator I played a while back before I had any Gen 3 carts xD

    Yeah, the one problem is brown bear doesn't really have a matching ball in DPPt. I used Timer Ball on the mommy Teddiursa, I guess that works ok.

    Tough choice, Beldum or HW??
    Oh, interesting. I don't think Charm Spheal is much use, but good luck anyway :p

    Yeah it's not shiny. If I see an easy to get to shiny frame I usually go for it otherwise I don't bother. Brown bear is fine with me.
    Oh, yeah good luck. What move does Xatu get, again?

    Yeah I'll only keep the moves on the UT copy. This one is Jolly/Quick Feet. I may do Adamant or Jolly/Guts also if it doesn't take TOO long to get the first one xD
    Not yet...but I'll go until I get a nice one. Yeah Crunch, Close Combat, Double Edge, Cross Chop lol <3 Smeargle
    Yeah you suck, you're getting better results blindly resetting than I'm getting IV breeding :pp
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