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  • Hey, I have a vastly that matches your SV, if you are 3048. I am wondering if you could hatch it for me. I can offer most items or I can clone it for you.
    Hi there, you match my shiny value for one of the eggs I want to hatch. Would you mind hatching it for me? I have a 5IV rotom for you if you're into it.
    My FC is 4270-1090-9107 and IGN is Tetsuya.
    Can you hatch an egg for me? I can give you a Pinsir with good Ivs for it!
    2122-6675-6371 ign dosh am online now, sorry was off for the weekend ^^"
    hi Dosh i have an egg matches your TSV would you mind hatching it for me please?
    my fc is 2122-6796-6191 and my ign is Ananas
    Thank you so much
    Torchic (M) - Hardy, Speed Boost, 7\11\4\25\3\28 [20]
    Torchic (M) - Hardy, Blaze, 6\8\16\6\31\26 [3874]
    Torchic (F) - Hardy, Speed Boost, 31\27\4\30\29\11 [2939]
    Torchic (M) - Hardy, Speed Boost, 15\11\26\25\29\14 [634]
    its just those four do you need to check yours?
    i can leave it for you to check yours
    thank you so much hope that heracross may be handy for you
    Hi,would you mind hatching an egg for me? It will be greatly appreciated.
    hey sure i can hatch you egg just pm me your IGN and fc
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