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  • Hey do you want to play for the VGC tour? I'm central time and can play most whenever! We have an extension so lets be quick!
    Hey what's up! I'm your third round opponent for the VGC 17 tournament. My timezone is pst and I'll be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after 3:30 pm.
    Dr Fidget
    Dr Fidget
    Wow, sorry. Totally forgot about this with NPA starting. My bad.
    hey ninahaza here, just wanted to thank you for streaming worlds, even though i was there i know it would have been a life saver if i wasnt, also great match we had in the lcq and hopefully we both just come into worlds 2011 with invites :)
    And by the way, you really have catapulted yourself into hero status in the VGC community here.
    Adding on to the fun and telling you that your 2pro for streaming for us.
    Youz awesome :toast:.
    You're Smogon's savior after this weekend. Thanks alot!

    Where in Michigan are you from? I grew up between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids and go to school in Flint.
    Pretty much what everyone else said, thanks so much for this live stream, and get ready to be friend requested. :D
    I'm not even sure who you are. I haven't seen you around here often. But I'd like to say thank you so very, VERY much for providing us all with the live stream.

    I made 13th place at Nats this year. That earned me an invite to Worlds, but no money to go. My family and I are on a very tight budget ATM, so it just wasn't possible for me to be there.

    Thank you so very, VERY much for making me feel just like I was actually there.

    I owe you man.
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