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  • Hey buddy, I got it cloned. Where are you? :O
    My ds is having connection issues right now, trying to fix it right now. :/
    Thanks for the trade! apologies for the delays. The kangaskhan should be flawless, so don't release it!
    Thanks for the trade and Kangaskhan. :)
    I have an egg with shiny value 2,689. Can you please hatch it for me? My avatar name on pokemon is bake, and my friend code is 3325-2398-4769
    Thank you so much for your time
    Sure, just let me know next time you're online.
    I will be on pokemon all day. Add me on the nintendo 3ds, and I will look for you to get online. What is your avatar name on pokemon?
    Hey man, I have a shiny Bergmite egg here with your SV. If you want it offer something on it, if not would you hatch for me then trade back please? :) FC - 4313-0814-5144
    hey! i got an egg that match your SV please help me to hatch it :) my ign is Pugazo and my FC: 5343-8947-3908
    Hello, could you please help me out with hatching this, please:
    Froakie (M) - Modest, Protean, 31\31\31\31\31\31 [2689]

    In return, you can have his twin brother who I couldn't find a shiny hatcher for.
    Froakie (M) - Modest, Protean, 31\31\31\31\31\31 [2898]

    Maybe in due time, you'll be able to.
    FC: 2406-6556-4502 IGN: Corey and if possible I'd like to have him be named Grenald. :)
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Thank you so much!!

    Hope you can that egg will do good for you!
    Hi, was wonderin if you can hatch a pokemon for me :)
    Gible (F) - Adamant, Sand Veil, 8\31\31\15\31\31 [1885]
    Gible (M) - Adamant, Sand Veil, 31\31\31\16\31\5 [825]
    Gible (M) - Adamant, Sand Veil, 31\19\20\15\31\31 [3264]
    Gible (M) - Adamant, Sand Veil, 17\31\31\15\31\31 [932]
    Gible (M) - Adamant, Sand Veil, 31\31\31\22\31\31 [1312]
    Poliwag (F) - Bold, Swift Swim, 31\29\31\31\31\31 [327]
    Poliwag (M) - Bold, Swift Swim, 31\4\31\31\31\31 [1171]
    thanks! the egg i gave you: Togepi (M) - Calm, Serene Grace, 31\14\31\31\31\31 [4037]
    Great! Thanks so much!
    I'm still interested in the Phantump, I also have a female Huge Power Bunnelby (3/31/31/x/31/31) in a Nest Ball, and I have the parents to reliably breed a Timid Charmander (31/x/31/31/31/31) with Dragon Pulse in a Quick Ball.
    interested in one of your phantumps. would you like to trade for spitbacks (one wrong IV) of any of: dratini, venonat, gible, corphish, magikarp?
    Okay, on in a second!
    sorry for the little back and forth there, haha - i had to rename magikarp and then i wasn't quite sure if it was you i was trading with. :P regardless, thanks!
    Thank you too! I apologize for not changing the name of the phantump, but I assume you're using it for breeding purposes anyway.
    Hey man, I have a ton of spitback smeargles and bold eevee's. Could I get a dratini or two?
    User Dragonknight! The Amethyst banner that you made for me has served me well. Could you please do a similar banner, but with Magikarp as the "mascot" and the text "Pokélab Sprite Packets Project" [note the accent there ;)]. That or a Mebukijika if you can find some good artwork!

    Many thanks!
    hey can you make me banners
    i hear you make good ones
    good title banner maybe use my profile picture
    Ubers - featuring a wicked looking lugia
    Ou- a devastating sandstorm Tyranitar
    UU- a Flaming Arcanine
    Nu- a Armaldo
    im making a trade thread, i just need some banners
    thank you
    Ive been trying to catch you on the Team Uber server, but you're never there when I sign on, and Ive never seen you on the Smogon University server. I'll be on all day the 29th, so hopefully let's get it done.
    Thank you, I am pretty excited to have a WishBliss :D Hope the dogs work out well for you! Forgot to ask, whose is the Bliss originally and what's the distribution on her?
    I rather you not look at my old trade thread, if you please. It's really nothing important.
    I was trying to ask you a question on that thread, but I don't think you caught it. =/
    excuse me, please? Can you look at the post that I made on the simple question and simple request thread, please?
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