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  • Hey drown_panda! Can you EV train my pokemon please?
    Please don't delete the moves. Here are the pokemon:

    Jirachi's Spread: 4 Defense / 252 Speed / 252 Attack
    Togekiss's Spread: 4 Defense / 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed
    Machamp's Spread: 8 SDef/ 8 Spd/ 48 Def/ 192 HP/ 252 Atk
    Hey, all of the EVs are correct except for Speed. You put 240 speed instead of 252. So, all you need to change is the Speed EVs, nothing else.
    If it's 1 o' clock P.M. where you're at, it's 12 o' clock here. So at 6, it'll be 5 here. So yeah, I'll be online. Just VM me
    Ok, I gave you one of each berries. You said that would be enough. VM me when you're done fixing the EVs! :)
    Who cares, bring 6 garbage pokemon with you. I'll give you 3 berries that lower SpA and 3 berries that lower Spe. Okay?
    Um, you messed up in the EVs a little. You put 255 EVs in SpA and Spe, but I needed 252 for SpA and Spe. Also and 4 Evs for Def, but I can't get the 4 EVs for Def because 255 times 2 equals 510. So can you please fix that?
    In short, this is how it looks like:

    Your EVs: 255 SpA/ 255 Spe
    My requested EVs: 252 SpA/ 252 Spe/ 4 Def
    Ok, all the pokemon in my thread are all worth one credit each. Also, it's okay to give moltres pkrs, I don't care. When you're done EV training. Bring some garbage pokemon with you so I could trade you the 3 pokemon.
    I don't have a Morning Sun Espeon, but I do have a couple of Morning Sun (also Crunch, and Flare Blitz) Growlithe egg if you want...I'm sure I have a couple of males (since I was breeding for DW female, and I do remember getting lots of males instead...>_<")
    Okay, give me one-two hours tops to finish up Moltres. Could I get Jolteon, Porygon-Z, and Gliscor? I read your rules but let me know if these pokes don't equal the 3 credits. Is it okay to give Moltres PKRS?
    Ok, I'll trade you the moltres right now. Also, don't delete any of the moves.
    Here's the EV spread: 252 SpA/4 Def/252 Spe
    I'll use your HG FC and you use this FC: 4427 0454 6921
    See you online!
    all ight. give me 5 mins to clone, and add your FC
    all ight, HG FC, you need hosea, Cupid and psyche, right?
    I have all the GA's now. Tell me when you can trde.
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