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    CAP 26 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    Name: Villain Number One Description: A Pokemon that uses unconventional tactics and trickery rather than strength in order to catch the enemies by surprise! Justification: Actualization: When used and built around correctly, this Pokemon should reward smart play and creativity in order to out...
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    SM RU To the Beat of Your Own Drum - USUM Hyper-Offense Team

    Heyo First of all, let me say: Hyper Offense is probably my favorite team style, so that's a boon on its own, but other than that, I love the concept of this team. Double Belly Drum is a fearsome comp that seems like an absolute blast to play with, but I do want to give a few pointers that I've...
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    SM UU Awaken

    Hi First of all, let me say that I really like how this this team looks and it seems very solid and fun. I would like to point out a couple of weaknesses I see and give some recommendations for how this team can be changed.
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    USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V3

    From B+ to A- rank: Disagree (Kinda) First time voicing my opinion on viabilities, but there is always a first time for everything. Gligar has a ton of niches, taking up roles as a stall breaker with taunt, hazard setter and remover, and electric and ground immunity. All of these traits in a...
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    SM UU I Feel Like I'm Drowning

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    SM UU Big Bois in UU

    I had actually considered putting Gligar on the team instead of Tentacruel, but Primarina terrifies me, so I decided against it. Seeing it from another perspective, however, it is better to have Aggron take up the role as a Primarina switch-in , especially with SpDef investment. I really like...
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    SM UU Big Bois in UU

    Firstly, let's introduce the team: Sets and Explanations: non-moving sprite ;-; Starburst (Salazzle) @ Black Sludge Ability: Corrosion EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Toxic - Protect - Flamethrower - Substitute Salazzle is 1 of 4 Scizor checks/counters on the team to...
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    SM OU Set an GO: My way to 1800

    I absolutely love the look of this team! Though I'm not the best OU player around, I still feel I can give a few pointers. You have pseudo hazard removal in Azelf's Taunt and Accelgor's Final Gambit/Yawn, but when both Azelf and Accelgor are gone, those hazards are going to stick forever. Taunt...