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  • :D that is kind of you there are always things I could use haha especially since Iv'e never bothered collecting many dw parents. I understand if college gets in the way since I just graduated this summer :) I took along break from smogon to get into the tcgo pokemon game as well as study and take summer vacations!
    my wifi is wonky right now but I was wondering if the credits will still be good to use in the future?
    I have look you closed thread with Giveaway RNG Pokeradar Pokemon (Amparos), i dont want that pokemon but i want to know how to RNG with Pokeradar Pokemon.. what different rng step to do. i had tried one to get bagon but not i only get scycter
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    It's 11:03am only had 3 hours of sleep....terrible night. If you want I can train more for you? I can try to get them done around this time tomorrow I may be heading to my cousins place and it's a 3 hour drive... It will give me something to do :p
    Anytime, I've had problems finding you online :p they have been done for the last week. Dang timezones
    no like a pokemon takes a day, but im kinda busy nowadays so it may take longer than a week.

    oh wait i just read more carefully about EV'ing...

    lol sorry i cant do 6 pokemon at a time really fast :p
    Sure! May I use some credits on the shiny luxray, shiny slowking and adamant nest ball sudowoodo? I will be on shortly
    hey Dusk I finally see you on ^^, Would it be a good time to pick up your Pokes? and may I use a few credits up aswell :D
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