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  • Doing good. I'm running a group of my own now, called Assassin's Alliance. TRC is dead and so is its revival effort, and that left the rest of the social groups in peace enough to build.

    Currently AA is among the largest active groups on Smogon now, sitting at a solid 200 members. :)
    Oh, where do I even begin. A lot has happened since the last time you were around. I'll fill you in via PM when I get the chance, but a major current event: Battlestar has been banned, and as a result, TRC fractured and was then disbanded. Other groups are trying to take its place, and Aero is starting Operation Resurgence.
    I AM THE REAL TEAM PLASMA LEADER!!! HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY PLACE!!! - lol but i had to do that it is fun! anyways cool group :)
    Dec 8th, 2011 11:58:11 AM

    Hello friends and Team Rocket Corporation associates.

    This is now finally the time to grab an dhold on to the glory.
    Team Rocket Corporation
    is DESTINED to be the greatest group here.

    We are in the last mile till victory!
    We really are the greatest group here.

    Let us now surpass Team Plasma a TRC Orignal Branch
    and be known without a doubt as the greatest group of all.

    Team Rocket Corporation can not settle for anything less.

    All things Exist for the Glory of Team Rocket Corporation!

    Thought i would give you the heads up
    I have a group called the Triumvirate in which three major Smogon groups with fairly close leaders are in a tight, mutually supportive alliance. Magma was in it, but they dropped out, so we need a third group to round it out. Interested?
    We're doing fairly well. We just won a tourney with SSIS, are looking at new locations, as well as working on an HQ website. The only real trouble we've had of late is the latest incarnation of TRC.
    I'll try. I haven't seen ray in quite awhile though, and kur0ki's been inactive longer than I was... our sim tourney was a huge fail, so we need some good Ideas right about now...
    When is the next time you'll be available to battle? I can go whenever now thanks to wifi in my room
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