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  • It's a pretty damn good utility poke. Try out the Lead Raikou set that SDS made at the end of HGSS, it's pretty amazing. And it beats Lead Champ.
    Thanks man. Had a subsplit gengar left which would probably have PP stalled out Vappy if I really needed it.
    :/ We're literally never on at the same time. Keeps saying your last online is at like 3-4 in the morning for me.
    I'm going to be available a lot tomorrow afternoon, hopefully we can get our match done then! I'm GMT -5 as well :)
    Alright, yeah i think saturday would be the most optimal for me. Would sometime around 3-5 (6-8) work for you?
    hey i think we should decide a day/time. I can do all day thursday, friday from 9-12,3-6(for you 12-3,6-9) and probably any time saturday. Fridays more complicated so i would prefer either thursday or saturday, but saturday would be optimal because i need more time to practice lol
    hm, i feel tuesday may be a bit too early, as i may not have enough time this weekend to prepare. The earliest i can say is next thursday, or preferably next weekend. If those times don't suit you, we'll probably get an extra week, so we shouldn't be too rushed to get this done
    alright, timezones shouldn't be a problem then. The earliest I can play is Dec 6 and 7, but then i have to study for exams so i can't play until 12-14. If gene gets banned, the deadline will be moved, and we might have more time to test teams and stuff
    hey we're opponents for the Smogon Tournament #9, i'm gmt -8, but i'm not sure when a good time it is for me to battle
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