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  • Hello, are you still on for our trade? If not that is ok, I'm just trying to get my pending trades taken care of, hehe.
    I've finished EV-Training your pokemon.
    VM me when your ready for me to trade it back.
    Could I get this pokemon in return please:

    Impish Dusknoir (M) Level 17
    IV's: 31/30/31/21/31/31
    EV's: Pending
    Moveset: Astonish/Confuse Ray/Foresight/Disable
    Ability: Levitate (Turns to Pressure upon evolving)
    Egg Moves: N/A
    Hidden Power: N/A
    Only available UT as a lvl 17 Duskull
    I sure will :D I'm tryin' to learn how to RNG for Wild 'Mons right now. Most people say it's easier, I'm not thinking that way :P

    Anyways, can I use you as a reference for EV training? And don't be shy to hit me up if you need it again.
    Alright, I'll be finished within 15 minutes. Be warned, my internet here at home is starting to slow down a bit, the trade may take awhile :P
    Hey, Are any of those moves BP Tutor moves? I think I have the code, but I'm not sure.
    Alright, I just asked because some people are fine with Pokerus, others don't like it. I don't use it on mine but at the same time, some people do. I'll start now, it won't take long with Pokerus.
    What are your rules about Pokerus? Before I start, are you wanting a UT copy back as well as the final EV'd version? Thanks.
    Alright. Could you meet me in the Wifi Room now please?
    I won't be able to finish EV-Training it until tomorrow due to school today if thats okay.
    Alright, just VM me when your ready.
    Am I allowed to use a wild pokemon modifier and receive a credit in your thread
    Alright, can you trade now? And, if my wifi DC's don't worry, it isn't me scamming you. We use satellite internet which has a slow upload rate, causing some DC's occasionally. Also, what are the Redis rights on it?
    I can EV your Registeel for you. I can trade in roughly 4 hours, and have it back to you within about an hour of recieving it.

    No Pokerus right? What spread were you wanting? Or is that up to me?
    Hey, I was wondering if I could maybe EV-Train for you or clone for you.
    I haven't done any EV-Training for others but I hope you will trust me enough to do so.
    VM me back please
    hey eiganjo! sorry i haven't been able to trade back to you the Pokemon! i've been quite busy having to finish organising for school-related events ie. formal. hope to see you on soon!
    awesome! meet you on :) btw i'll give you some random pokemon this time which you can release, easier for your inbox :p
    Hey eiganjo! May i EV train some more Pokemon? :) I can do more than 3 in one go :p
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