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  • False. I use power items all the time. And Everstone is pretty much needed. Thankfully it will work with both parents this gen.
    frame 10
    31/30/30/31/31/30 electric 70

    Bout all I'm coming up with for your mac address and limiting to frame 10.
    Hi again! Anyway, can you please Pokeshift me 6 Pokemon again if it's OK? Thanks! :)
    No, it's already fine with me, now I know that they will still remain their all-caps names when transferred. By the way, I need 6 Pokemon again to be transferred, so is it OK if you'll gonna be transferring them again later? :)
    Oh I see, because it is said that Pokemon that were transferred should have the current lettering format also. You use US games to transfer them right? :)
    By the way, you used the Relocator to Celebi right? Also, why the Pokemon are still all in capital letters? And thank you very very much for transferring my Pokemon!! :)
    Alright, I wait for you until you're finish transferring them. Just VM me if you're trading them already on Gen 5. :)
    Oops, sorry, I read this late. Just wait on Wi-Fi as I get the Celebi and you can now proceed to transfer my Pokemon using the Poke Transfer and Relocator. :)
    Alright, so I have to use your original cart White FC which is on your sig right? And here's how to use the Relocator:

    I guess it's much easier to use it than the Poke Transfer since you don't have to do the catching minigame, the only difference is that you'll be only be able to transfer the Movie 13 event Pokemon and the Lock Capsule. Just go to a building in Castelia City and use the phrases that was written on the link, and you'll now be able to use the Relocator. Just tell me if you're online now. :)
    Oh, you're finally online! Anyway, aside from the 6 Pokemon, can you also transfer my Celebi using the Relocator? I'll be giving you 3 credits for Poke Transfering my Pokemon. Also, are your HG and White ROMS?

    Just tell me if you're going to Wi-Fi now. :)
    It's getting too late here already, so let's just trade on tomorrow instead. :)
    3 credits would be fine, and I mean my SS FC. Just tell me if you're online now. :)
    Can you please Pokeshift 6 of my Pokemon if it's OK? Please use my SS and White FC on my sig. Thanks! :)
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