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  • Hey, just letting you know, OmegaDonut fixed Pandora's Box for ID/SID abuse. You can either wait for the release of 9.94 or come on #smogonwifi and download 9.94 alpha 12! :D
    Try 2 seconds and see if it works! If it doesn't then I'm not sure why :(

    Maybe some one in the help thread can help you figure it out.
    Ok, since you're using a DSi, the offset for a standard seed is different. Instead of starting 1 second early like for a DS Lite, you go 2 seconds early, I think. Were you starting 2 seconds early?
    1.) Well, seeds like that are sometimes hard to come by. Try searching different months and years; you should find one eventually!

    2.) Hmm. Ok, a few questions for you:

    a. Are you sure you entered your parameters correctly in Pandora's Box?
    b. In the seed finder, are you sure you entered in the details of your ID seed correctly?
    c. What do you have entered into the min/max frame part, in the Seed Finder?
    I'm sorry, I tried RNGing a shiny roamer but I could never get one, it was too hard for me :(

    Try asking Biosci, I think he can help.
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