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  • Well after fiddling around with DeSuMe, I've found it to be unplayable lag soup. Yet after using something the likes of no$gba, there is no lag; via the cutscenes/intro - but the emu crashes and there's a lack of save states.

    What a losing situation, lol.
    Yes, that and about 2 other pending wondercards. I'll just DL the stuff in an hour and try to clean up the lag. Hopefully my PC handles it.
    Well, due to some recent events seems I might as well get into it. Need a tutor of sorts, all of the guides confuse the crap out of me. :l
    Sounds complicated lol. I always wanted to try my first attempt at RNG but of course I only get as far as calibration. I figured emulators would be easier due to the abundance of games/cheats for items and whatnot.
    Hmm, wouldn't lag have any adverse effects during the process in-game? x:

    That's the main problem I'm thinking about...
    I'm wondering what emulator(s) you use for RNG. o:

    I might be interested in doing that method as the only legit game I have is Pearl - with no access to an AR.
    Oh thanks! When are you available? That way when I need something cloned I can contact you. :)
    I would have to pal park the Calm Dragonite but I can't Pal Park anymore today so do you mind if I trade you that some other time?

    I can trade you the other three right now if you want to.
    If so, use this: 3825 2513 4039.
    Okay I'd like the spider back 3 times, and the other thing just twice.
    Yes, that is okay =)
    And the waiting isn't a problem.

    Would you like to spent the 3 credits first, or do the cloning first?
    okay cool ill get toxicroak ready for you then id like that bold clefable with these moves Counter / Seismic Toss / Wish / Softboiled
    fair enough lol thanks... I havent played in like a year so I lost all my seeds and info and everything :P hell... I just remembered how to even RNG last night XD
    yeah I still needed some... Calm- HP Ice, Grass, and a flawless one Timid- Hp Elec, Ice, and Ground Modest- HP Ice and Grass, Bold- HP Ground, and a flawless Adamant one
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