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  • hey, big fan of yours. do u by any chances have a pastebin team of your cynthia champion team u used previously in your live videos, i been trying to figure out what the ev spread on the assault vest spiritomb haves. please and thank you.
    https://pokepast.es/40bfdddf7e096a3d hey man. big fan. here's a double intimidate Zeraora team I made for OU. laddered for an afternoon and had good success at lower ranks up to 1400's. I don't know how to use the Torn-T set but I saw it somewhere, so hopefully it's more fitting to the heat lord.
    thanks! :]
    Scarf basculin can destroy Lando, outspeeding scarf Lando and clicking ice beam. It has same base HP as Koko, meaning that clicking final gambit on it takes it out of the game. Surf for adaptability boosted. Head smash for revenging zard x and mega pins, as well as doing good just hitting a lot of flying mons or Superpower for grens, kyu-b's, ttars and the like. I'll bet you can tear up the Overused tier with it.
    Hey are you selling shoutouts or other forms of advertisements on YouTube? If so, what are you rates? :)
    Here is some heat for you to use Emvee https://pastebin.com/7eMiUUwU
    OU Mega Camerupt with Nature Power + Choice Scarf Tapu Koko & Choice Band Tapu Bulu so that you can have Sheer Force Thunderbolt in Electric Terrain or Sheer Force Energy Ball in Grassy Terrain. The team has a Volt-Turn core of Def Mandibuzz, Spd Jirachi and Volt Switch/U-turn Koko.
    Hey man, I know you don't usually play doubles or VGC, but I think this team I am building is up your alley and I hoped you might use it in a live or else on Pimp my Squad? I'll post my reasoning/how I play as a comment below the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/MHEjytmN
    MC Ravens
    MC Ravens
    Let me preface this by saying the team has some strange elements, but yet VGC is a metagame where seemingly silly teams are actually viable if built correctly! I win about 65-70% of my games with this team, but I'm honestly a mediocre player and I feel like someone with better intuition could do it justice.
    MC Ravens
    MC Ravens
    Team is meant to poison as many foes as possible, & then hit them with crits from Pex. Defensive setup mons are common in this meta, Pex takes hits and breaks through boosts since poisoned mons get crit. It deals with all Snorlax sets, all Arcanine sets (even those with Wild Charge), checks tapus under TR. Most games lead with Salazzle/Hypno. Salazzle usually gets off fast Poison gas while Hypno goes trick room; turn two follows with disable from hypno onto opponent that will be the biggest threat, while salazzle goes for overheat or venom drench as needed. This lead beats most common opposing leads, including double duck and Lele/Drif. I bring EITHER Bulu or Buzz, (usually not both) as third mon to eliminate specific threats (bulu for Fini and Gastro, Buzz for Mence and Chomp)- both of these mons beat several major threats like Kartana and Koko, and both beat Snorlax. One var from this order I take sometimes is Salazzle's first turn move- If opponent leads Cele I usually overheat it first turn since it is a big threat and even if it is poisoned, it is not always beaten by tox. Fake out is Salazzle is for opposing Smeargle/Fake Out leads. Toxapex comes usually since the team is centered around making it work (and it does well), but I don't bring it to teams that require both Bulu and Buzz. AV Krook is the last poke, and I pretty much only bring it against Koko/Raichu-Alola/Xurk or against purely physical teams for intimidate- I usually bring it instead of Bulu/Buzz.
    Yo emvee I got a nice mega altaria team for you to check out. Keldeo heatran and landorus deal with the steel types, mew is for zygarde and landorus, and gengar is there for some offensive pressure. I'd love for you to use this team, or put it on pimp my squad, but regardless please enjoy. https://pastebin.com/ZfRJjhsf
    PS: I also have a more balance oriented version of the team if you want it
    OU: Trap the opposing steel types with the trap core by volt-turning and win with SCARF NIHILEGO. Hydreigon is a 3HKO by specs Ash-ninjas hydro pump after rocks. The only problem is no hazards but that's not the win-con anyway. Suicune's set can be changed because the team is pretty weak to Zygarde and EV's on Scizor and Suicune are flexible. Beware Tapu Koko. Enjoy :] http://pokepast.es/e0f1e1612161b4d7
    Emvee, buddy, could you maybe build around happy hour jirachi??

    Jirachi @ Normalium Z
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Shiny: Yes
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature
    - Happy Hour
    - Iron Head
    - Fire Punch
    - Zen Headbutt
    for sure :] will try it out!
    Yo emvee. Got this nice and fresh rain team with heat z-move golduck :] Also has Araquanid and Tapu koko http://pastebin.com/Xk0t5YCY

    Note: For the team you could probably run AV on araquanid or change it to kingdra if preferred. Also put spd invest on pelipper if greninja is too much of a problem.
    thx fam :]
    we have to play for bw cup. i'm gmt -4 and available weekdays after 4 pm my time, as well as all day weekends.
    yo buddy, when would you like to play for DPP cup? i'm EST and typically free btwn 8 PM - 10 PM weekdays, but this week not on mon/tues. activity is spotty during weekends but i can usually make anything so long as we schedule beforehand. tomorrow is actually a really good day for me if you are free!
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