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  • Sure. Maybe 3 boxes a day or something? Or are you going to find someone else for the rest?
    No, but I got a modest Feebass with great HP and Sp.attack while waiting for my sister to finish with the computer.

    I never have good luck with shinies.
    Sorry, I've been done for a while. My sister just stole the computer when I was getting something to eat.
    I meant if I find any while catching the fodders, I'm not going to give them to you while transferring.
    "(me)pokemon white japanese (190pokemons)--> (you)
    (me)<--(190 lillpups/or other kind of pokemon)(you)
    Then you trade those 190 pokemon that i traded with you with my pokemon white english version, but for that ill give 190 lillpups that i caught on english version and your reward that u asked for."

    This makes perfect sense.

    By the way, any shinies I might find are mine. ;D
    This may take a while, since I don't have 190 fodders on Black, so I'll have to pokeshift them from SS.

    Well, it was going to take a while anyway.
    Wait, hold on, I just realized I miss read your post, LOL. I though it was from a 4th gen game to a 5th gen game, so I was trying to register it to my SS. Okay, I'll go change my game cartridge. :D
    I wasn't asking for the master ball, I said we could get one each...

    Anyway, it keeps telling me your FC is wrong.
    Oh, there is this person in the Castelia city pokemon center, and if you have 50+ trades and talk to him, he gives you a master ball.

    At least that's what serebii said.
    Apparently the Site thinks I'm currently off-line.

    Internet has been acting weird here, let's find a time to meet each other. Maybe Sunday, you're on then, right? I'll be available most of the day then, so VM whenever, and if it says I'm not on, it could be because of that error/glitch I started this with.
    I haven't found any parameters yet so I can't really tell you. I know this is answered a few pages back in the help thread though. My advice is to look there.
    If you are talking about DW ability females, the chance of it passing down it's special ability is slightly less than normal, even when you use an everstone. I'm not sure of the actual percentage. :3
    I can't do it right now, I'm EVing some pokes for my friend. D:

    Can we do it later?
    Oh yeah! Sure I can. :]

    Just let me know how many you wanna shift and your FC's and stuff. xD
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